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Roofing Repair Contractor in Pocatello, Idaho

If you find yourself in great need of a good roofer in Pocatello to work on you home or business then give ARA Construction a call anytime. We can handle all kinds of emergency roof repair in Pocatello, ID like roofing leaks, shingle replacement and full roof replacement in Pocatello, ID.

The top on your home or business is very important to keeping the elements of weather out especially in the colder months. If your not sure what kind of shape your shingles are in, we, as a professional new roof installation company in Pocatello, ID can come out and inspect it for you.

What we look for…

As you may know the sun, wind, rain, snow and the changing in temperatures can put a tremendous ware on your shingles, we want to catch anything as soon as we can so it doesn’t lead to a leaky roof causing more damage to the structure as well.

Also we will make sure there is no damage to any of the wood that is under the shingles like soft spots or a sagging roof. I would like to give Lehigh Valley Roofers a shout out for helping in of my friends in their area, thank you guys!

Roofing Replacement Pocatello

Here are 5 reasons to call us-​

1.Integrity- We will always do the right thing. As a trustworthy new roof installation company in Pocatello, ID we will never cut corners just to get the job done or to make a fast buck. We stand behind out work even years down the road!

2. 20+ Years in the Industry- Our roofers have been through hands-on professional training and we are licensed, bonded and insured, giving you that peace of mind!

3. Quality of Work- When it comes to hard work we are proud to say that we are second to none. We hold ourselves to higher level as your most reliable roof repair in Pocatello, ID experts..

4.Value- I wouldn’t say that we are the cheapest roofing company in Southeast Idaho, but when it comes to the value that you will get when you hire us. We take the necessary time to finish your job to do it right!

  1. We will first start with the removal or tear-off your damaged material and haul all of that material away. This step is only need if you have damage to the wood or frame and it needs to be replaced.
  2. We will begin installing the material that you prefer. Metal or asphalt shingles are the most popular in Southeast Idaho.
  3. After we complete the installation we will complete a final inspection and clean up any mess that we have made during the process.

It is a good Idea if you have any small children that they won’t be playing around the house when we are working to make sure they don’t get hurt.

We want you to know, when it comes to the roof over your home or business, there’s really nothing more important then keeping it leak free and it good shape to protect you from all harsh elements of the out-doors. If you have any questions about your product or our service then give us a call or you can shoot us an email as well. Check out what your Pocatello Roofing Contractor is all about if you want and call us today.

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